Woodworking industry

The woodworking industry is the most important branch of the industrial and economic complex of any state, which includes the harvesting and processing of wood for the purpose of subsequent production of goods at various enterprises.

Timber is mainly used by enterprises for the production of paper, cardboard, plywood, particle board, fibreboard, synthetic resins, acetic acid, turpentine, various construction materials, packaging and other materials.

For any enterprises, it is very important to ensure uninterrupted supply of high-quality timber, which allows achieving maximum efficiency in the production and minimizing downtime of equipment.

For Ukrainian and foreign enterprises involved in the woodworking industry, WInMax-Group company is ready to provide comprehensive services for the supplies of high-quality timber at the most favorable terms.

For cooperation in the supply of high-quality timber, please contact us by phone +38 (044) 333-61-72 or e-mail info@winmax-group.com.